Food & drinks


De Biertuin

Just a 5-minute walk from the hotel you will find De Biertuin. According to many, "the place to be" for the real beer lover. And we totally agree! The warmly heated terrace is always cozy.

Biertuin Oost

Caffe Milo

With a terrace that overlooks the Oosterpark, this is a wonderful experience. Every day of the week you enjoy good American cuisine (think pizza and burgers!) And nice Italian wines. And it is nice that it is only two minutes walk from the hotel.

Caffe Milo
10 MIN

Bar Bukowski

In less than ten minutes you will always find the cozy Bar Bukowski; de (cocktail) bar of east. In the evening you can go for the best cocktails here, but you are here all day long.

Bar Bukowski
Bar Bubowski
15 MIN

Café Americain

Café Americain combines historic allure with 21st-century standards. High quality, accessible style and a large dose of personality. 

Amsterdam-sourced products on the all-day menu are supplemented with fine Dutch ingredients. A modern and fresh twist to popular dishes such as French onion soup, prawn cocktail and the new, signature tartare. And obviously good coffee and gorgeous cocktails!

Café Americain
cafe-bar-restaurant-americain (3).jpg
24 MIN

Brouwerij het IJ

Brouwerij ’t IJ is an award-winning artisan brewery with a large open-air seating area, guided tours and tasting sessions. What could be better than tasting the finest beers right where they’re made?

Brouwerij 't IJ

Café Cliché

Café Cliché is a restaurant where you feel at ease and welcome right away. The food is very tasty and you can even have a chat with the chef or just relax and enjoy the bar for some drinks. The open kitchen and lounge give a cozy atmosphere. At Café Cliché you can taste that they love to cook and love to eat themselves. Before your dinner you can enjoy their terrace or bar for a bite and drink and after pick your own 3 course menu from the a la carte menu.

Already seen our special dinner package of Café Cliché?

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20 MIN

NEMO Science Museum

In NEMO Science Museum visitors of all ages can explore how fascinating science and technology can be. There are five floors full of exhibitions to be seen, experiments to be done, demonstration and workshops to experience and see how everyday things are extraordinary.


The Tropenmuseum

With recreated villages and a huge collection of exotic objects, the Tropenmuseum is a must for any museum lover. Especially for the little ones there is a special department where children can make exploration trips, play exotic instruments and play games. Due to the location just outside the center you will not find the busy stream of tourists here. The Tropenmuseum is a seven-minute walk from the hotel.

15 MIN


The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the 16 national museums in the Netherlands. The collection provides an overview of Dutch art and history, including works by 17th century Dutch masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals.

15 MIN

The Hermitage Amsterdam

A beautiful museum in a special location. The museum shows the collection of one of the most famous museums in the world: the Hermitage State Museum in St. Petersburg. The Hermitage is located on the Amstel and is easily accessible by public transport.

18 MIN

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum makes the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, and the artwork of his time, accessible to as many people as possible to inspire and enrich them. The Museum is prestigious, excellent and inspiring. These core values function as an ethical compass and are the core of the organisational culture at the museum.

Van Gogh Museum

Outside activities



Opposite our hotel you will find the Oosterpark, which is approximately 12 hectares. You can go hiking, picnics, jogging or lying in the grass. In the summer months there are often nice festivals, but during the other months there is plenty to do.



The Flevopark forms a continuous nature and recreation area adjacent to the water. Both young and old are doing fine here. You will find a playground, an outdoor swimming pool, barbecue areas and various water sports.



13 MIN

Park Frankendael

Frankendael is Amsterdam’s only remaining 17th-century country estate. The romantic park has two historic gardens – a period garden and a landscape garden – as well as a sunbathing area and marsh. In the middle of the park is the imposing Huize Frankendael (‘Frankendael House’) where cultural events are regularly organized. Slow Food restaurant Merkelbach is located in the right coach house of Huize Frankendael.

Huize Frankendael is a cultural hotspot for business and culture in Amsterdam. The complex comprises a brasserie, culture barn, music salon, high-tech boardroom, art room and a lush green garden with a bright terrace. The Huize Frankendael hosts various exhibitions, workshops, presentations, kids craft days, wedding ceremonies, scavenger hunts, films, inspirational meetings and informal theatrical performances. An intimate living room style atmosphere provides all the right ingredients for real contact and good discussion.


Amusement park

10 MIN

Artis Royal Zoo

At ARTIS, nature, culture and heritage come together. ARTIS has been telling these stories since 1838, and each day they are born anew. Experience it for yourselfq

Be amazed by the many species living side by side from giraffes, zebras and springboks to the fluttering of countless wings in the Butterfly Pavilion, in the heart of Amsterdam.



10 MIN

Eriks Delicacies

Eriks Delicacies is a store full of delights. The base of their company is cheese. They have an extensive range of Dutch and foreign cheeses, cheeses who stand out by taste, character and individuality. It's all about enjoying taste, smell and texture.

Eriks Delicacies